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Arashi <3

Well I'm making my first post about Arashi because I just simply love them!!! So now I want to share my love for each of them.
First of I'm going to talk about my ichiban Ohno Satoshi! Oh gosh! i don't know where to begin! Well I can say that I first fell in love with him because of his voice! His voice stole my heart my everything lol. Then I decided to search about him and found out that he's the best dancer ever and an amazing artist! He is simply just too talented!! I've seen alot of actors/singers who only has the looks but Ohno is a different story lol I didn't one person can be good at many things like that. Oh and I can't forget his acting! It is just simply amazingggg!!! I cried my eyes out in Moau omg! I remember one time on a show he said that he feels very happy in concerts because he was able to find out that that much people knew him! Ohno you’re just too humble!  I wish there's a way that I could tell him that he has many fans oversea! Oh gosh! I can already picture his amazing smile!
Ok now let’s move on to Sho!! Haha! Sho is just adorable!!! He's a failure at sports but for some reason I find that is irresistibly cute! Haha I remember in one of the Arashi no Shukudai-kun ep the members helped him do a back flip!! haha I serious fell out of my chair laughing haha!!!But don't underestamate him! He is one genius pal!!
Ok next is Aiba-kun!! haha this guy just brighten up my day!!!! He’s a cutie who constantly gets harass by the other members lol. Also his English is hilarious I remember watching his show and he kept on saying “very danger!” haha that was priceless!!!
Now let’s talk about Nino!!!! Nino is the brat in Arashi! He’s so small but very cheeky lol so don’t mess with him!!! He and Ohno form a great pair! And their Ohmiya moments are just to die for!!! He’s also very very very talented!!! He was in a Hollywood movie!! Omg wouldn’t it be so great if he comes to the U.S for a movie again!?!?! Ahhh~ that would be amazing!Ok now last but now least let’s talk about about our DoS Jun!!!!! Jun is just awesome!!! He has an idol aura around him but when he’s silly omg he’s hilarious! I first learned about Arashi thanks to him in Hana Yori Dango!!! And I love his voice in One Love!!! It’s very passionate!!! Ugh I want to right more and more about these guys but I don’t have the time right now!!! Seriously! These guys are so interesting that I could talk about them for hours!!! So that’s it for now!! Bye bye!

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